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Worship Part 2 (Guest Post)

Worship Part 2 (Guest Post)

From James Quiggle:

These are the principles of worship:

1. Worship requires an appropriate manner, time, place, and attitude.
2. Faith is necessary to worship.
3. Dedicating one’s self to God is worship.
4. Dedicating one’s service to God is worship.
5. Worship is not acceptable if the believer harbors sin in his (or her) heart.
6. Sin must be confessed and repented in order to worship.
7. The act of confession and repentance of sin is worship.
8. Worship is both private and public, in secret and shared.
9. Worship must be based in a salvific relationship with God in Christ.
10. Worship is a time of sharing with God and one another, i.e., a time of fellowship.
11. Obedience to God’s will is necessary to worship.
12. Submission to God’s authority is necessary to worship.
13. Worship is the appreciation and proclamation of God’s Person and works.
14. The practical aspects of worship can include singing, chanting, music, dancing, testifying, preaching, and teaching.
15. The result of worship is the God’s approval of the worshiper.
16. Every act of any significance begins with worship.

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