Why do we keep returning to NIV

Why do we keep returning to NIV

 It is a very true statement that my two favorite English translations of the Bible are the New King James Version and the New American Standard Bible. Why then do we keep coming back to NIV? Why is it in the pulpit at our sister ministry, Abounding Grace Baptist Church, and why does it keep popping up in our Facebook Page feed?


These are excellent questions and worthy of an answer…

1. To most of the Anglophone World, NIV is the Bible. NIV is currently offered in American Standard English and Commonwealth English (Anglicised). It is truly international in scope.

2. NIV is the translation used by most of our audience members. As a pastor, it is critically important to me that those who are hearing the expostion of the Bible from our pulpit are hearing the Bible in an English format that is easy to understand and follow along. By using the same translation, both pastor and audience are able to grow together in our common faith.

3. NIV is trustworthy and accurate along with being designed for study. The New International Version is what we call a mediating translation. It is in the midde of essentially literal and meaning based. Most of the commentaries in my library are based on the NIV. Beyond that, there is a very broad range of study Bibles, hand-books dictionaries, and other resources to ensure that you have the most comprehensive selection of toold available; only KJV has more tools but to be fair it does have a 350 year head start.

4. The NIV’s history earns it a place in the pulpit. 55 years ago, the New International Verision was created to help people to better understand the Bible by putting it into more accessible English. From its inception to the present day, NIV has had one goal, which happens to be the same goal that I have, to help people understand the Bible and live a life pleasing to God. It is, then, natural for us to be together.

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