Why a Congregational Responsive Reading and How Is It Done?

Why a Congregational Responsive Reading and How Is It Done?

Question: Why does Abouondung Grace Baptist Church have a Congregational Responsive reading of the Scrupture?

Answer: Romans 10:17, “So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

The Scriptrue makes it clear that hearing is the menhod that God has ordained for His word to be hiddent in the hearts of His people (Psalm 119:11). Because of this, we have added a responsive reading time to our worship service so that our brothers and sisters get as much of the Bible as possible.

During the Congregational Reading, the pastor reads the odd numbered verses and the congregation responds with the even numbered verses in the Responsive Reading Selecttion. This servies two purposes: 1. It brings us together in unity around the Bible 2. It helsp us to remember the Scriptures together;.

How do we pick a selection for the week? There are a number of possibilites The NLT Wayginding Bible offers 52 week overview of the Bible, the NIV Student Bible offers a number of Reading Guides via its 3-track Reading Plans.. IF your church uses hymnlas, Hymns of Grace and Hymns of Glorious Praise both offer  congregational readings. Certain Pew Bibles also offer reading selections. The final two opeions I would receommend would be to follow the Revised Common Lectionary or to read a Psalm per week until you have completed them and then start over.

No matter what choice you make, it is imporant to communicate to the congregation that the Responsive Readings are part of the centrality of the Word in the life of your congregatin. Also, if you are not using Pew Bibles, you will want to put the reading on your screen or on a handout so that everyone is reading from the same translation. (Also, you never know how many in your audience will be unfamiliar witht he Scripture.)

I encourage you to explore a Responsive Reading for your congregation. You will be amazed by the results.

Until next time, Grace to you.

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