Why 2 Translations

Why 2 Translations

On Sundays, you will always hear the main sermon text in 2 English Translations, one that is essentially literal or word-based and one that is thought for thought or meaning based. I am very frequently aske why we do this.

I use an essentially literal text to be as close to word for word from the original languages as possible. Sometimes we do word studies and these stem from the literal translation. I follow up with a meaning based translation to help us get as close as possible to how the original audience would have heard and understood the text.

The meaning based translation is a critical component of our lesson prep for one major reason: we are looking for Original Authorial Intent; what did the Holy Spirit, by way of the human author, intend to communicate to the audience and what was the expected response? We need to always remember that when we come to a text, a response is expected: repentance, praise, or telling others and a meaning based translation helps us get to that faster.

Ultimately, my goal is two-fold: I want you to understand the text better and I want you to help others understand the text better as well.

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