Tony Evans Study Bible Use Case

Tony Evans Study Bible Use Case

I am still working on my review of the Tony Evans Study Bible but I wanted to share a Pastoral Use Case with you. (Disclosure: Holman provided a copy of the Tony Evans Study Bible free of charge in exchange for an honest review.)


There are a number of excellent tools in the Tony Evans Study Bible but one stood out more than others, the Overview of Theology. I have only seen an overview of theology in one other study Bible, the MacArthur Study Bible. The overview which is provided by Dr. Evans is 3.25 pages and ends with a QR Code which links to a video presentation from Dr. Evans giving an overview of theology. I want to share a couple ways in which I am using this, and a couple other resources in the Back Matter for active ministry use.


  1. A Guide for Discipleship Class: Taking one section per week, the Overview of Theology offers an 8-week discipleship class. I am actively teaching a group discipleship class on Wednesday nights and as soon as I saw this section, I began to add quotes into the lessons that were prepared.


  1. An Apologetic Aid: The section on Bibliology is expanded into a second article. I have been using this as a tool in one on one discipleship to help provide a solid foundation on our understanding of the Bible and how to defend that belief.


  1. An Inspirational Resource: There is a section called Hope words. These are inspirational quotes, just a couple sentences, designed to encourage you in your walk with Christ. I have been sharing these in the office at my secular job (I’m bi-vocational) and my colleagues tell me that they have been most helpful.


  1. A Discussion Guide: The Q&A is an excellent tool to facilitate discussion in small groups. The answers provided by Dr. Evans are able to stand by themselves but the questions also lend themselves to discussion. They provided opportunities to peek into the heart of the pastor, or members of the group.


All of the resources in the Tony Evans Study Bible are very practical and I will provide more information in my review. That being said, I hope these four points will  give you some useful ideas for how to deploy the Tony Evans Study Bible in your ministry.

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