The Promise of a Davidic King

The Promise of a Davidic King

There are several prophecies of the continuation of the Kingdom of David and of Messiah’s Rule. In this lesson, we will post a prophecy and the associated passage of Scripture, followed by the New Testament Fulfillment Passage.  (This lesson, is the precursor to the lesson The King Who’s Coming.

David’s royal line will be perpetual

2 Samuel 7:16

Psalm 78:67-70

New Testament Fulfillment

Luke 1:33, 2:11   John 7:42  Romans 1:3

The Scepter will not depart from Judah

Genesis 49:9-10

New Testament Fulfillment

Hebrews 7:14 Revelation 5:5

The Branch of Jesse (David’s father) is to rule

Isaiah 11:1-5

Zechariah 12:8

New Testament fulfillment

Luke 3:23, 4:18   Romans 11:26 Revelation 22:16

God promises David a kingdom

Psalm 89:2-4    Psalm 132:11

New Testament Fulfillment

Luke 1:32

An assurance of government from David’s Throne

Isaiah 9:6-7

Jeremiah 23:5

New Testament Fulfillment

Luke 1:33

Messiah to be born in Bethlehem

Micah 5:2-4

New Testament Fulfillment

Matthew 2:1-6


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