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The Free Word Project

The Free Word Project

When Jesus sent out the Apostles, He commanded “Freely you have received Freely give.”

As stewards of the Word of the Lord and under shepherds of Christ’s flock, we take this mandate very seriously. It is our privilege to ensure that yo have a copy of the Word of God. 

We ask two things: As you learn, you are commanded by Christ to share what you have learned (this is called discipleship). Secondly, you MAY NOT receive any financial gain from what you find here. Freely it is given to you so you also give freely to others.


So how do I get a Bible anyway? Email: [email protected] Due to cost constraints we ask that you only request one Bible per household. At this time we can only take requests from the United States Additional options will be provided as we are able. If you are outside the United States, we will help you contact your local Bible Society to ensure that you have a copy of the Scripture.  Also, the American Standard Version of the Bible is available as a pdf upon request.