The Bible Train/Family Worship Readings 1/28-2/3

The Bible Train/Family Worship Readings 1/28-2/3

This week’s Bible Train stops are in the life of Joseph. Joseph, like the later prophet, Daniel, is unique in that there is nothing negative mentioned about either one in the Bible. Joseph is a type/foreshadowing of Jesus.


  • Sunday- Psalm 1
  • Monday- Genesis 37:1-36
  • Tuesday- Genesis 38:1-38
  • Wednesday- Genesis 39:1-40:23
  • Thursday- Genesis 41:1-57
  • Friday- Genesis 44:1-45:28
  • Saturday- Genesis 46:1-47:31

Discussion Questions

  1. Why does the Psalmist celebrate the godly? What do we learn from the comparison of the righteous and the wicked found in Psalm 1?
  2. God communicates to both Joseph and Pharaoh in dreams. What do we learn about God’s character from the experiences of communicating via dreams?
  3. We see from the experience of Joseph and his brothers that God took something that was intended for evil and turned it around for His purposes. Where have you seen something similar happen in your life?

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