The Bible Train: Family Worship for 2/18-2/24

The Bible Train: Family Worship for 2/18-2/24

This week, the Bible Train takes us to the Sinai Peninsula where YHWH will give the Law and will set down the regulations for the Tabernacle, the House of Worship for the Children of Israel.


  • Sunday:  Exodus 18:1-27
  • Monday:  Exodus 19:1-20:26
  • Tuesday:  Exodus 23:20-24:18
  • Wednesday:  Exodus 26:1-37
  • Thursday: Exodus 28:1-43
  • Friday: Exodus 32:1-33:6
  • Saturday: Exodus 33:7-34:35


Discussion Questions:


  1. Why is the giving of the Law the most important event in the Old Testament?
  2. What is foreshadowed by the Tabernacle?
  3. Why was Moses right to be so angry with the Children of Israel for their idolatry with the calf of gold?
  4. We speak of the Lord as being holy; what does that mean?

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