The Bible Train (Family Worship) 7.9.2018-7.15.2018

The Bible Train (Family Worship) 7.9.2018-7.15.2018

This week, the Bible Train will take us through the reign of Ahaz and into the reign of the godly Hezekiah. We will see some major prophecies of the Messiah being given by Isaiah and there will also be comfort offered by the the prophet Micah, a contemporary of Isaiah.


Monday 2 Chronicles 28:1-7
Tuesday Isaiah 7:1-25
Wednesday Isaiah 8:1-9:7
Thursday Isaiah 11:1-6
Friday Micah 1:1-16
Saturday Micah 7:1-20
Sunday 2 Chronicles 29:1-36



Discussion Questions:


  1. Why does the entire country suffer for the wickedness of King Ahaz?
  2. Why is it important that Hezekiah brings reforms and tries to turn the people back to God?
  3. In Isaiah 7 we are given the sign of Emmanuel, God with us; Why is it significant that God will walk among us in the person of Messiah, the Redeemer-King?
  4. Messiah, the Redeemer-King, will come as a light bursting forth into darkness. What does this metaphor tell us about God and His Covenant People?
  5. If Messiah is a “branch” from David, and Messiah will endure forever, what does this teach us about the Covenant People Israel?
  6. Why does the prophet, Micah, grieve over Israel?

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