The Bible Train/Family Worship 4.2.18-4.8.18

The Bible Train/Family Worship 4.2.18-4.8.18

This week, in our Guided Tour of the Bible, the action really begins to pick up. We will see the conquest of the Promised Land and the passing away of Joshua. We will find the Children of Israel doing whatever seems right in their own eyes and the raising up of judges to lead the people.

Monday Joshua 10:1-27
Tuesday Joshua 11:1-23
Wednesday Joshua 20:1-9
Thursday Joshua 23:1-16, 24:25-33
Friday Judges 2:6-3:31
Saturday Judges 4:1-5:31
Sunday Judges 6:1-40

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the importance of conquering the Promised Land?
  2. Why did God order the complete annihilation of the peoples of Canaan?
  3. Joshua told the people to choose YHWH or the false gods of Canaan; why were those false gods appealing to the Children of Israel?
  4. What important lessons can we learn, from Deborah’s Story, about the vital role women play in Redemptive History?
  5. Was it wrong for Gideon to ask God to authenticate His call?

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