The Bible Train 7.16.18-7.22.18

The Bible Train 7.16.18-7.22.18

This week, the Bible Train has stops at the majestic Passover celebration and then Isaiah, the Prince of Prophets will bring us several encouraging messages. Isaiah will tell us of the suffering Servant, he will invite us to the Lord’s salvation and offer comfort to those oppressed. In this week’s readings, we get some of our clearest pictures of Messiah.


Monday 2 Chronicles 30:1-27
Tuesday 2 Chronicles 32:1-23
Wednesday Isaiah 38:1-39:8
Thursday Isaiah 40:1-31
Friday Isaiah 52:13-53:12
Saturday Isaiah 55:1-13
Sunday Isaiah 61:1-11



Discussion Questions:


  1. Why was it so important that Hezekiah celebrated the Passover?
  2. What is the comfort that Isaiah foretold?
  3. Many of the Jews missed the fact that Jesus was suffering servant is Isaiah; why is it so important to Redemptive History that Messiah suffered and died for His people?
  4. Isaiah speaks in the 1st Person and on behalf of the Lord; what does this invitation tell us about the Lord’s salvation?
  5. What is the good news that Isaiah has for the oppressed?

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