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The 3 Gifts at the 1st Advent

The 3 Gifts at the 1st Advent

We all know the hymn, We Three Kings, and, even though there were actually more then three “wise men,” I would like us to look at the significance of each gift. (I will introduce each with the lyrics to the song.)

Born a King on Bethlehem’s plain. Gold I bring to crown Him again. King forever, ceasing never, over us all to reign.

Why gold? Culturally, these visitors were paying tribute, literally. A vassal (lesser/dependent) king would pay tribute to his Suzerain (greater king). This tribute was paid for protection, the administration of justice, and provision of needs. The magi, who were emissaries of gentile kings were, in the Spirit, giving tribute to the Ultimate, the Definitive Suzerain King for in the wee Christ child was Heaven’s Crown Prince, Him who would ascend not just to the right hand of Majesty on high but also to be that majesty. He CAME as Redeemer. He will COME again as King and of His Kingdom there shall be no end.

Frankincense to offer have I Incense owns a Deity nigh Prayer and praising, all men raising Worship Him, God most high

In the Old Testament, incense was offered to God as a thanksgiving. In the visit of the Wise Men, it is the same. Many of have said that Jesus never claimed to be God, which is patently untrue but even if He had not made the declaration of His Deity, it is declared in the 2nd gift of the Wise Men. The offering OF incense is an act of worship. Frankincense is offered in pure woship, thanking God for being with you and redeeming you to Himself.

Myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume Breathes of life of gathering gloom Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying Sealed in the stone-cold tomb 

The shadow of the cross looms large over the manger, miss that and you miss the point of Christmas. The wise men knew and gave, peophetically, because Messiah had to die, and then rise. Messiah is Redeemer and Messiah is King.

This is the message of Advent: God the Son, Heaven’s great prince came to save a people to Himself. He will come again as Heaven’s King and will reign forever.

One Reply to “The 3 Gifts at the 1st Advent”

  1. Right on! And regarding the gold, it’s very good that you included that it was also as a provision for needs, since in God’s foreknowledge and providence, Joseph and Mary would need the gold after fleeing from Herod with the Child to Egypt, where they needed to pay for their residence and sustenance while there for two years.
    Scripture doesn’t mention how they supported themselves while there, but I’m sure that much of the gold was used for living expenses. God provides, pure and simple.

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