TBS Family Bible Review

TBS Family Bible Review


Trinitarian Bible Society makes some of the best King James Bibles currently available, so it is a pleasure to review another of their Bibles. This time they sent me the Large Print Family Presentation Bible in exchange for an honest review. (This Bible was provided free of charge but my opinions are my own and were not coerced by TBS).


The Cover

As with all TBS leather Bibles, this is a calfskin cover with a paste down liner. In most cases TBS uses an ironed (smooth) calfskin. This time, however, there is a very pronounced grain which I love. The front is plain black and there is gold stamping on the spine.


The Text Block

The text block is a special edition from Cambridge University Press. The font is 10-point and very dark. It is double column and verse-by-verse. The paper is similar to that in the Concord but perhaps a little heavier.


This Bible would generally be categorized as personal/hand sized. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around. The paper offering is very opaque, not a lot of show through at all. This is one Bible I can easily recommend marking in; I don’t see there being a ton of issue with bleed through. I do not recommend a liquid highlighter but then I never do. However, there are a number of other tools for marking, any of which will do.


For Every Day Carry

Overall, this particular Bible is just about perfect for every day carry. It fits into my regular briefcase nicely but I also have a smaller messenger bag with a pocket that is just the right size for carry. As it happens the rich black font lends itself to easy reading in most lighting situations.


For Preaching

In the King James Version, this is one of the best preaching Bibles I have encountered. It is one of the two easiest for me to read, the other being the KJV Hallmark Reference Bible from Hendrickson.


Even though TBS did not design this Bible specifically for preaching, it is, actually, ideally suited to the task. Many pastors will carry a text only edition into the pulpit so that there are fewer distractions on the page. I tend to walk when I preach and carry the Bible one handed while doing so. The TBS Family Presentation Bible’s size lends itself quite nicely to this task. What really shocked me is that this Bible is much easier to preach from than my KJV Longprimer Reference Bible from Allan and sons. That fact also amused me; Longprimer is considered the flagship KJV and yet the TBS Bible is more comfortable for reading and is more hand friendly


Something Missing I Did Not See Coming

To my surprise, there is no concordance. A missing concordance is not really an issue as I have a host of topical study tools, dictionaries and other tools so it doesn’t bother me.


Should you buy?

Much like all Bibles TBS offers, I give this a hearty recommendation. This Bible is about as vanilla as you get. If the KJV is your preferred English Bible, then a Bible from the Trinitarian Bible Society absolutely should be your first consideration.


Final Thoughts

When you need a very high quality KJV on a tight budget, you cannot go wrong with the TBS Family Presentation Bible.

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