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Lucado Encouraging Word Bible

Lucado Encouraging Word Bible


Max Lucado has released his 4th Bible and this one looks to be extremely helpful

Note: Thomas Nelson sent this Bible free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review and my opinions are my own.


Encouraging Word Bible Photos


Translations Offered

The Lucado Encouraging Word Bible is available in New King James Version (NKJV) and the New International Version (NIV), my favorite of the two being the New King James.



Thomas Nelson classifies this as a study Bible and I can see how they come to that conclusion with the inclusion of introductions, notes, and outlines. I classify it as a devotional Bible. Max Lucado is very well known as a devotional writer and some of his best material is found here.


Cover and Binding

There are several cover options available: cloth over book-board, brown leathersoft, blue leathersoft, and e-book. I am reviewing the brown leathersoft. It is a very convincing imitation leather, so convincing, in fact, that when I first saw it I thought they had put a natural leather in a slipcover. Nelson is sewing the bindings on their Bibles again which is a very good sign because sewn bindings will literally last a lifetime.


Paper, Layout, & Font

We have the Thomas Nelson Comfort Print Font in 9-point font. This one is particularly readable where some of them are rather small. The notes are in an 8-point font.


The Bible text is laid out in a single column paragraph format with the notes in the outer margin. Many of the margins include dot-grid paper for journaling or other note taking.


The paper is around 28-gsm. For as thin as it is, the paper is pretty opaque. If one were going to write in this Bible, I would recommend pencil. It is possible to write in it with a ball-point pen but I am not sure that I can recommend it as it looks like there would be show through.



Introductions and Outlines The Introductions and Outlines are much improved over earlier Lucado edited Bibles. Included in this section are key verses, key themes, and key people to call your attention to the most important points to know for each book.

 People of the Word: 98 new articles encourage believers through the lessons learned by people throughout the Bible

For Your Journey: 691 marginal notes mix Max’s storytelling style with biblical context to lead you into a deeper walk with the Lord

Jesus Through the Bible and Growing in Christ: 115 articles provide both inspiration and practical lessons to build you up

God Cares for You and Growing Up Spiritually verses are subject-specific and provide another resource in your study of the Bible

Where to turn when . . . Scripture reference list provides topical lessons to help with both your spiritual and emotional well-being.


Overall Thoughts

Max Lucado has been the general editor of several Bibles and, including this one, I have owned 3 of the 4: The Inspirational Study Bible, The Devotional Bible, and this. I did not have the opportunity to own the Lucado Life Lessons Bible. There is no question that Max Lucado is an excellent writer. Admittedly, his style is a little light on exposition for me but when I am looking for resources to encourage other believers, Max Lucado’s writing is where I turn. His book, In the Grip of Grace, was life changing for me.


I do recommend this resource to a particular audience more than others. Believe it or not, I recommend it for those engaged in counselling ministry. We, who are counsellors, frequently find those who are discouraged or otherwise lacking fulfillment in their Christian walk and the Encouraging Word Bible will most definitely be helpful.


Thomas Nelson KJV Study Bible, Full Color Edition

Thomas Nelson KJV Study Bible, Full Color Edition


Additional Photos


The King James Version…It is has been the definitive English Bible for over 400 years. For nearly 225 of those years, Thomas Nelson has been publishing the KJV Bible and offering some incredible resources to aid in your understanding of Scripture. In this article, we are looking at Nelson’s KJV Study Bible, Full Color Edition. (Pursuant to law: Thomas Nelson provided this review copy free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give positive feedback and my opinions are my own.)


The Translation

As its name suggests, the translation offered is the King James Version. I do not really need to say much about this choice. It has been a mainstay of English Bibles for generations and will continue to do so.


The Cover and Binding

There are a range of cover choices available from hardcover to “genuine leather.” Genuine leather, by the way, is a case study in understatement. I have handled a ton of leathers in my lifetime and I knew, at a touch, that we were being treated to real cowhide/calfskin. Typically genuine leather refers to pigskin but this is absolutely not pigskin. The grain is delightful. As I have mentioned before, your Bible should be a delight to hold and in the case of a full leather Bible that is accomplished.


It has a paste down liner. Many of my colleagues object to a paste down liner and, in some cases, I would agree. However, in a Bible this size, a leather liner would be a disaster since it would make the Bible too floppy to use single handed and would, most likely, lead to dropping.


Nelson did give us a sewn binding and I am glad to see publishers going back to sewn bindings. Sewing the binding allows for it to lay flat anywhere you open the Bible and it also guarantees a lifetime of use.


Paper, Layout, Font

The paper is delicious. I have handled more Thomas Nelson Bibles than I can even recall but this is the best paper I have handled. It has a bit of a newsprint feel to it, a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. I think that Nelson hit on a paper that would work very well for highlighting/marking. Too bad it doesn’t have wide margins but that would probably make this Bible unreasonably large.


While not billed as comfort print, we have a 10-point font for the Bible text and an 8-point font for the notes. We do have a red-letter edition with the red letters being done very well. Often, red letter Bibles have a tendency to turn pink. Thankfully that has not happened here.


The Bible is laid out with the standard double column verse by verse format. The study notes are located in a very generous footer section. These are not commentary notes as some suggest but they are expository notes, around 7000 of them, designed to help you draw out the meaning of the Scripture.


Full Color Helps

Book Introductions

The Book Introductions contain all the usual helps that you would expect to find: author, date of writing, background, etc. There is a specific item I wish to bring to your attention, full color photos. Example: The Introduction Romans includes a photo of ancient Rome.


Detailed Outlines

Ordinarily, I would not call out the outlines separately. However, the outlines in the KJV Study Bible are, likely, the most detailed I have seen in a study Bible. The emphasis on teaching and understanding the Bible is quite evident in the outlines. Teaching each book of the Bible is essential for the pastor, Sunday School teacher, or small group leader and the outline of each book provide an excellent tool to guide your teaching.


Topical Indexes

There are several topical indexes. Most importantly, there are indexed to the Gospels and Teachings of Jesus, The Life and Teachings of Paul, and Eschatology. The topical indexes are fairly detailed and contain anywhere from 3-10 years’ worth of teaching material.


Cross References

The Thomas Nelson Cross Reference System contains over 50,000 references. In addition to reference links, you will also find translation variants and footnotes. The references are in the center column of the page for easy access.


Doctrinal Footnotes

Doctrinal Footnotes are unique to this study Bible. These footnotes, in a separate box in the text, cover major points of Christian Doctrine. Each one gives you an appetizer size bite of doctrine to whet your appetite into digging into each doctrine.


For Every Day Use

This Bible is not small. I would say it weighs in at about 4 pounds which makes carrying it interesting. I do take it with me, to my secular job, on Mondays so that I have it when I start the first draft of a new sermon. It would probably be a good idea to make this a keep on your desk Bible.


Overall Thoughts

Does this Bible come up to the mark? This question was posed to me when I received this Bible for review. I will repeat my answer to the asker: The only way the KJV Study Bible could be more up to the mark would be if there was a rural Baptist Church included in the box.


I would not be surprised to find Nelson’s KJV Study Bible in the backpack of every undergrad student at Bible College. I would encourage EVERY Sunday School teacher to have a copy. In fact, for those who prefer the King James Version, this is one of two must own study Bibles, the other being the Standard Lesson KJV Teacher’s Study Bible.


Nelson’s KJV Study Bible is available on OliveTree Bible Software. I primarily use it there so that I can easily pair the excellent study resources with multiple translations simultaneously.