Summary of What Joshua Teaches (ASB Excerpt)

Summary of What Joshua Teaches (ASB Excerpt)

What Joshua Teaches Us:

•  Life’s battles are not won because we are strong but because God is faithful and we obey him.

•  Land, a political and tribal issue in Africa, belongs to God. It is God’s way of providing sustenance to his people. When people are obedient, God blesses the land; however, he brings disaster to those who are disobedient. Obedience to the Lord is critical for success. For example, God warned against land grabbing by telling his people not to move boundary stones (Deuteronomy 19:14). Each tribe was to be content to live within its local boundaries.

•  Moses, Joshua, and the people all acted in a unified spirit of submission to God when they agreed on the choice of the successor of Moses to lead Israel. The people were responsible for obeying the Book of the Law. When someone disobeyed God, the guilty person was promptly disciplined. If the spiritual leadership in our churches had a unified spirit of submission to God, we could solve many of the problems in our churches (1 Timothy 5:19-20).

•  Joshua gave his last speech to confirm God’s faithfulness and to encourage the Israelites to serve God and only God. God himself gave the land to Israel. God had a specific place for each tribe and clan to help form their culture and identity.

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