Sumary of What Genesis Teaches (ASB Excerpt)

Sumary of What Genesis Teaches (ASB Excerpt)

•  Genesis answers many of the profound questions people ask, such as: Where did I come from? (God created us; 1:1) and What is my purpose? (to have a relationship with God; 15:6)

•  The impact of the Fall is deep and far reaching. We are unable to resolve the problem of sin by ourselves. All creation and human society fell into disorder when the relationship with God was fractured. No amount of war and conquest, power and privilege, riches and fame, or any other human accomplishment can resolve this problem. The solution is to restore relationship with God as the giver of life and order.

•  No human being is perfect. If we sin and ask for forgiveness, God will surely reconcile with and redeem us. God is not waiting for perfect people to do his work, but people who are willing to trust and obey him at all times. Adam failed. Noah failed. If you and I were to start again, we would fail.

•  We can trust God who created the universe and every living being to handle the concerns of our lives. Over and over again we see God intervening in a hopeless situation—childlessness, famine, war, imprisonment—and transforming those situations. We just need to trust and obey him. Only God writes the final story.

•  The genealogies in Genesis remind us of the value God places on families in his divine plan. Families are under attack. As part of God’s family, we must take seriously the task of building godly families through which God works for his own glory.

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