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Structural Elements of the Bible

Structural Elements of the Bible

As we prepare for the Bible Essentials Series, I would like us to look at, separate from our series introduction, some structural elements of the Bible, namely a Timeline of Redemptive History and the 7 Dispensations of Revelation and Redemption


Period of Redemptive History Approximate Dates
Creation and Early World Creation until c. 2000 BC
The Patriarchs 2000-1700 BC
Egypt and the Exodus 1700 BC-128- BC
The Wanderings 1280-1240 BC
Conquering the Promised Land/Early Govt 1240-1050 BC
The Kingdom 1050-930 BC
A Divided Kingdom 930-722 BC
The Exile 722-540 BC
Return and Restoration 538BC- 6/5 BC
Messiah’s 1st Advent 6/5BC-34/36 AD
The Church Age 36 AD- Glorious Appearing


**Timeline is adapted from the Great Adventure Bible timeline and the Reese Chronological Bible





Dispensation Scripture
Innocence Genesis 1:28-30 & 2:15
Conscience Genesis 3:8-8:22
Government Genesis 8-12:1
Promise Genesis 12:1-Exodus 19:22
Law Exodus 19:22-Acts 2
Grace Acts 2-Revelation 19
Kingdom and Eternal State Revelation 20-22











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