Some Musings on the King James Bible

Some Musings on the King James Bible

Perhaps one of the most elegant and majestic works of art in the English speaking world is the King James Version (hereafter KJV) of the Bible, which celebrated its 400th anniversary in the not too distant past. In the last 60 or so years, though, the KJV has become somewhat of a stumbling block due to the rise of a position suggesting that the KJV is the only “real/true” English translation of the Bible. This position is horribly incorrect but it is not my intention to refute that position in this article. Rather I wanted to share some of the reasons why I love the KJV and, even though it will not be a main translation for my, why it will always have a place in my studies.

  1. When I learned to read, I learned using my grandmother’s large print KJV Bible. You could say that the KJV played a foundational role in my education.
  2. Reading the KJV can, at times, feel more reverent. All too often in out fast paces culture, we rush through our devotions just so we can check off a box on the To-Do List. When reading the KJV, the Elizabethan English’s formal sound reminds us that we need to pause to not only reverence the Lord God but also reverence the Scriptures through which He has elected to make Himself known.
  3. The KJV forces a slow down, at least in my case. Since I do not usually read the KJV aloud, i find myself needing to slow down, sometimes adding additional pauses,  and take my time to get trhough the text. This slow down also allows for reflection on the text itself. Simple reflection on the Scripture can, at times, bring a new appreciation for the message that the Holy Spirit speaks throught he words of Scripture.
  4. KJV is reliably conservative. When you step into the pulpit and open a KJV, there is usually little question as to whether or not you have a high view of the Scripture.

These are just a few of the reasons why I thoroughly love and enjoy the KJV. In 32 years, while owning multiple translations of the Bible, there has never been a time when I have not had a King James Bible in my possession . In all of my lesson prep, I camp-are the translation from which I will preach with the KJV. It has become like consulting a wise old friend on the text of the Scripture.

Some of you, dear readers, have not had much experience with the King James Bible; I would encourage you to rectify that. If nothing else, it should give you a new appreciation for the beauty and majesty of the Bible.

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