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NKJV Large Print Wide Margin Reference BIble

NKJV Large Print Wide Margin Reference BIble

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I have a very special relationship with Thomas Nelson’s NJKJV Wide Margin Reference Bible. My current is actually called The Precious because of the story behind its acquisition. I was delighted to find out that one would be offered in comfort print and I am ecstatic at the opportunity to review it.  (Thomas Nelson sent this copy free of charge in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own.)



Naturally, this is offered in the New King James Version, a fastidiously literal update to the KJV.

Side note: NKJV has been my primary teaching translation for the last 14 years of the 24 years I have taught the Bible. I have used it in over 13,000 interactions with Scripture.

The New Testament is based on the Textus Receptus, just like its predecessor the KJV.

Cover and Binding

Like the rest of the Premier Collection, the cover is black goatskin. The cover is moderately grained, not ironed smooth but there is also not a pronounced grain on the cover.  As will all the Premier Collection’s Bibles, it is quite delightful to the touch. The edge  lined cover is quite limp and supple, a favorite feature of mine when it comes to the Premier Collection. I enjoy the fell of their covers more than most other goatskin Bibles. I would like to suggest a full-yapp offering from the Premier Collection but it is not a deal breaker that they do not have it.

If you guessed that the text block was smythe sewn, you would be correct. A sewn binding is not simply a mark of quality, it is an essential feature in a Bible that is designed to last a lifetime. It is also what causes the Bible to lay flat in both Genesis and Revelation.

Paper, Layout, & Font

The Large Print Wide Margin Bible is offered in Comfort Print at a 10.5-point with 11-point leading. Placed side by side  with the NKJV Preaching Bible reveals that it is the exact same font in both Bibles.

Like its cousin, the Preaching Bible, the Large Print Wide Margin Bible is laid out in a double column verse by verse format. Footnotes are placed beneath the Scripture text in the footer of the Bible. The wide margins are 1.25 inches, ample space for your annotations.

The paper is a mild white, 36 GSM I  believe. The opacity is wonderful. I cannot think of a modern Bible that is more ideal for writing in. My primary recommendation is Prismacolor for color coding notes and Papermate Sharpwriter Pencil for notes. If you like to use pen, I recommend Pilot Pen Company’s Better Retractable brand.



This Bible contains Thomas Nelson’s Complete Cross Reference System. There are 72,000 references, 4000 of which are redundancies/alternate reference points. As far as reference systems go, only two Bibles top the offerings of Thomas Nelson, The Thompson Chain Reference Bible and the Westminster Reference Bible.


The Introductions are a couple paragraphs each. The usual material (author, historical background etc.) is included.  Each Introduction is around a half a page. I am glad to see that they do not inundate with information but I would like to see an outline, at least a basic one.

Complete Concordance

The full NKJV Topical Concordance is included. It is always good to see a full concordance rather than the abbreviated concordance that some publishers include. For the Sunday School Teacher or the everyday Christian, the Concordance is THE essential tool for answer ing the question, “What does the Bible teach?”

How do I use it?

There is no right or wrong way to use the Large Print Wide Margin. I, personally, pair the Large Print Wide Margin with the NKKJV Preaching Bible. They are similar enough that the Wide Margin is used for Study and annotation while the Preaching Bible is used in the pulpit.

As an every -day Bible

This Bible has some heft to it and may or may not suit you as a daily carry Bible. The size is not an issue for me but for some it is. It will work well on just about any desk.

As a preaching Bible

Being so similar as the Preaching Bible, this Bible works well for preaching, Some of my colleagues actually prefer to preach from a wide margin Bible so that they have all of their exegetical notes handy.

Final Thoughts

This is an excellent Bible. It is my favorit in the Premier Collection.

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