New Category: Christian Basics

New Category: Christian Basics

Greetings Beloved:

Our goal, here at Exploring Truth Ministry, is to help Christians to better undersstand the Bible and lead lives pleasing to God. To that end, we are adding a new category of content, Christian Basics. The Christian Basics Category will focus on essential doctrines of the Christian Faith so that you, Beloved Disciple, are solidly grounded in your faith as we navigate the troubled waters of our perilous times. 

We will endeavor to post at least one article per week to help with your growth. Some topics you can expect are

  • The Trinty

  • Understanding the Message of the Bible

  • God the Creator

  • The Person of God

  • Salvation

  • The Christian Life

There will be many other topics as we go. May you be blessed by these lessons and draw ever closer to God.



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