KJV and NLT: Better together

KJV and NLT: Better together

I would like to answer a question which I am, very often, asked, “Matt, how can you love KJV and NLT?” I wll give you the short answer and then I will develop it a little…

In KJV, we find the ancientness of the Church and in NLT, we find the vitality and vigor of the Church, who speaks the Ancient Truths in today’s language.

Let me use the metaphor of a bride to describe the two. KJV is a bride before the wedding night. In many ways her glory is hidden. She is regal, mysterious and yet arrayed in splendor and fine linen, a gift for her husband who stands before her in awe of the wonders God has created in this woman made just for him. The NLT is that  same bride the morning after the wedding. Her secrets have been opened to her husband. All her delights are made known to him and now, in the fullness of their love a life is built.

We, the Church, are that husband. The Bible speaks to the whole Church at all times but it also speaks to us as individuals. The Lord God of Heaven and Earth whispers His wonders through the text of Scripture and we stand in awe of His majesty.

Since there is no language that evades God’s understanding, there is no Bible which hinders the Holy Ghost from speaking His truth into our lives. He is the ever present author, ready to teach the moment the book is opened, ready to illuminate Himself to us as we are already fully known by Him.

I read the KJV and NLT together regularly. As a matter of fact the NLT is alongside whichever essentially literal translation which I am reading. Why? The NLT speaks my language and it does for most of the English speaking people on the planet. It is true that anyone who makes the effort can understand the KJV and I very much encourage the making of that effort. With NLT, I frequently hear new disciples saying “Oh! I get it now!”

KJV + NLT: Timeless beauty meets modern beauty. I read these together…

Psalm 119:18 Open Thou mine eyes that I may behold wonderous things in Thy law.

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