Free Word???

Free Word???

What is Free Word?

Free Word is the Bible and Resource Distribution Ministry of Abounding Grace Church and Exploring Truth Ministry. Through Free Word, we distribute Bibles and other resources to Christians, primarily to those of limited financial means as well as to those who are new disciples. No one is ever asked to pay for the resources they receive.


Why Free Word?

In Matthew Chapter 10, Jesus sends out His emissaries with the Gospel Message and supernatural power to authenticate it, closing His command with, “Freely ye have received, freely give.” Today we have the same Gospel Message and the Bible is our authentication of the Gospel Message. Therefore the command to us remains the same, “Freely ye have received, freely give.”

The Gospel is free and invites, “Whosoever will, let him come.” We do not want finances, inexperience, or any other barrier to stand in the way of those who will come to the Lord. The Bible is a fount of living waters that will refresh and restore even the driest sin parched soul. Our desire is that you come and drink freely of the water of God’s word. Do not just drink, but carry the refreshment of God’s word to others. So, we can think of no better place to start than the Bible.

What comes with Free Word?

Every Bible that is sent comes with a handwritten note of encouragement from Pastor Matt and a verse finder to help a reader get started with what the Bible teaches about various topics.


How can I help Free Word?

Pray. You may have thought we would ask for money but that will never happen. God is rich beyond our wildest fantasies and He provides the funds, through various means. When you commit to pray for Free Word, you are joining in the most important mission that Christians have, getting the Word of God (both Person and book) into the hands of people. If you would, ask others to pray too. Only God knows all that results from the prayers of His saints but think of the stories we will tell for countless millennia of how God used the Bible in the lives of His people.


Free Word…Because the life of the soul is found in the Book.

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