Family Worship 1/21-1/27

Family Worship 1/21-1/27

Our Family Worship readings, this week, will take us on a sidetrack into the world of Job. It is in Job’s story that we learn why bad things happen to “good” people.

  • Sunday ¬†Genesis 31:1-55
  • Monday Genesis 32:22-32
  • Tuesday Job 1:1-2:13
  • Wednesday Job 3:1-4:21
  • Thursday Job 19:1-21
  • Friday Job 40:1-24
  • Saturday Job 42:1-17


Discussion Questions:

  1. What does Job’s experience teach us about Satan’s power?
  2. Since God is totally in control of our situation, what should our response be when we are in a time of trial?
  3. Does Job’s restoration really mean that God will always return us to prosperity?

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