ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible Review

ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible Review


Crossway has updated one of their most unique products, the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible, making in a full-fledged study Bible and sent us a copy of the new version for review. (This Bible was sent free of charge in exchange for an honest review.)


From Crossway

Product Description

Discover how the truths of God’s Word apply to your daily life with the ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible. This Bible provides informative book introductions, application-centered study notes, and a series of all-new articles by a team of over 50 pastors and scholars. Let the ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible challenge you to think about how the timeless truths of the gospel apply to your life today.


Features Include:

  • Informative book introductions
  • Gospel-centered study notes
  • New content includes 5 articles on topics such as The Relationship Between the Old and New Testaments, The Gospel in the Old Testament, The Covenants, and more.
  • Concordance
  • Topical Index
  • 8 Full-Color Maps
  • 80,000 cross-references
  • Ribbon marker
  • Smyth-sewn binding
  • 9-point Bible text, 8-point study notes

Based on the original Gospel Transformation Bible released in 2013. Updates include design, typesetting, and new articles.


In this review we are going to look at both the physical form of the book and the content of the helps. Let’s begin


Page Layout

Crossway has developed a signature look by putting nearly all of their new Bibles into a single column paragraph format for the actual Scripture text. As was explained to me, this is done so that we have a more natural reading experience; I do agree that it does feel more like reading any other book. The study notes are in a double column format at the bottom of the page. A column of cross-references can be found in the gutter area. There are subject headings provided as well. Overall, the layout feels kind of like a textbook.


Paper and Font

Crossway tends to use Thinopaque paper and that seems to be the case here as well. I would guess maybe 32-34GSM on the paper. Use of ball point pens or colored pencils for underlining and annotations should be no issue.


We have Crossway’s usual Lexicon font for easy readability. The text of Scripture is in a 9-point font with the study notes being in an 8-point font.




5 Articles

There are 5 articles provided as study helps.

  • Biblical Theology
  • Covenants
  • The Gospel in the Old Testament
  • The Gospel in the New Testament
  • The Relation of the Old Testament to the New Testament


These articles are very helpful and I want to like them. The problem is that they perpetuate the fiction that Covenant Theology is the only/most accurate way to view the Scriptures which is incorrect.


Study Notes

There are around 10,000 study notes which are designed to showcase the message of Gospel and its life-changing power.


Topical Index plus Concordance

The Topical Index is keyed to subjects that are addressed in the study notes while the concordance is Crossway’s typical ESV Concordance. It is not an exhaustive concordance but will certainly prove useful for in-depth study.


Overall Impression

The ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible is a worthy choice for anyone wanting to get a better understanding of how the Gospel message is woven throughout the Bible.









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