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Contrasting the Lamb and the Beast (Chart)

Contrasting the Lamb and the Beast (Chart)

The Lamb The Beast
A Slain Lamb (Rev. 5:6) A ferocious beast (Rev. 13:1)
7 horns, eyes, spirits (Rev. 5:6) 7 Heads, 10 Horns, 10 Crowns (Rev. 13:1)
4 Living Creatures and 24 Elders fall down in worship (Rev. 5:8) All the world worships the Beast and the Dragon (Rev. 13:3-4
Worshippers say “Worthy is the Lamb (Rev. 5:12) Worshippers say “who is like the Beast?” (Rev. 13:4)
All in heaven, earth, under the earth, and in the sea worship the Lamb (Rev. 5:13) Nearly all those who dwell on the earth will worship the Beast (Rev. 13:12)
A Great Multitude stands before the Lamb  (Rev. 7:9) The Beast deceives all but the believers (Rev. 13:8, 12)
The Lamb comforts and nourishes his followers (Rev. 7:13) Almost all the world takes the Beast’s mark (Rev. 13:16)
The Lamb has 144,000 witnesses (Rev. 14:1) The Beast uses his mark to control the populace (Rev. 13:17)
The 144,000 freely follow the Lamb (Rev. 14:4) There is no buying or selling without the mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:17)
Those following the Lamb will dwell with Him forever (Rev. 22:5 The Beast and his follower spend eternity in the Lake of Fire (Rev.14:9-10)


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