Angels in the Book of Revelation

Angels in the Book of Revelation

Angels play a large part in directing the panorama and scenery of the visions, and in the writing of the book. Altogether we find 27 references to the activities of angels in Revelation.

  • An angel dictated the book to John (1:2; 22:16). Each of the seven churches had an angel (1:20; 2:1, etc.).
  • An angel called out about the sealed book (5:2).
  • 100 million angels sang praise to the Lamb (5:11).
  • Four angels were given power to hurt the earth. An angel sealed the elect (7:1– 4).
  • The angels fell down on their faces before God (7:11).
  • An angel was used in answering prayers of the saints (8:3–5).
  • Seven angels sounded the seven trumpets (8:6–7, etc.).
  • An angel of the abyss was king of the locust army (9:1 – 11).
  • Four angels loosed 200 million Euphratean horsemen (9:15–16).
  • An angel had the open book, announcing the end (10:1–2, 6).
  • Michael and his angels warred with the dragon and his angels (12:7).
  • A flying angel proclaimed the Gospel to the nations (14:6).
  • Another flying angel proclaimed the fall of Babylon (14:8).
  • An angel pronounced doom on the beast’s followers (14:9–10).
  • An angel announced the harvest of the earth (14:15).
  • An angel announced the vintage of the earth (14:18–19).
  • Seven angels had the seven last plagues (15:1).
  • An angel announced judgment on Babylon (17:1, 5).
  • An angel again announced the fall of Babylon (18:2).
  • An angel had a part in dealing Babylon its death-blow (18:21).
  • An angel presided over the destruction of the beast (19:17).
  • An angel bound Satan (20:12). An angel showed John the new Jerusalem (21:9).
  • 12 angels guarded the 12 gates of the new Jerusalem (21:19).
  • An angel told John not to worship him (22:9).


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  1. For a number of reasons, the word aggelos in relation to the “aggelos of the church at” should be translated “messenger,” as indicating the church’s leadership. Why should an actual spirit being be responsible to God for human behavior?

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