Adopting New Curriculum

Adopting New Curriculum

As our ministries continue to grow, Exploring the Truth and Abounding Grace Baptist Church will be adopting a more uniform set of curricula, specifically, the Uniform Series from Standard Publishing/David C. Cook. “The Uniform Series is a 6-year plan for reading and studying the Bible. By participating in the Uniform Series, a believer will be given help in knowing the content of the Bible, understanding its message, and responding to that message by living a life of faith and love.” (

Below, you will find some questions that have been asked and that you may be asking yourself:

  • Will you, now, teach a pre-packaged curriculum or a pre-written sermon? No. As the pastor, I will still do the work of studying the Scriptures to bring you in-depth material. I will still incorporate lessons that I learn from other teachers.
  • Why change if you are not utilizing pre-packaged sermons? Teaching the Bible, especially as a bi-vocational pastor, presents some fairly unique challenges. By using Standard Lesson as a “map,” we can have a more effective journey through the Bible. Over a six-year period we will cover every book in the Bible but we will still have the flexibility to go deeper on various subjects as the need arises.
  • Will you still be teaching expositionally? Yes. We are not abandoning an expositional method for our pulpit. If anything, this change will add more discipline and structure to our lessons as we navigate the Bible and grow together.
  • Will you change Bible translations? We will continue to hear the New Living Translation from the pulpit, along with other translations as is helpful. You can expect to keep hearing NASB, ESV, KJV, and NIV as we go through our lessons.
  • Do I do anything different to prepare to receive from God’s Word with this new system? Nope. You still pray before coming to church. We will still have hymns and a responsive reading.
  • What about sin? Will the new system still talk about sin? Our view of sin does not change. We believe that all of mankind is polluted by sin and separated from God because of that sin. We believe that the only remedy for our sin is the substitutionary death of Jesus on the cross at Calvary. We do not, currently, pick out particular sins to “preach against” on Sunday but we deal with different sins as they come up in the text of Scripture; that will not change.
  • Is the Statement of Faith changing, too? Not at all. We still affirm the Baptist Faith and Message. All we are doing is adding a little more structure to help ensure that we are growing as disciples.


It is my sincere hope that this change will bless you and that you will continue to grow during your discipleship walk. Grace to you

Pastor Matt

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