Understanding Dispensationalism

Guest Post by James D. Quiggle, ThM. The concepts that make up dispensationalism are found in Scripture, and the core theological ideas that comprise dispensationalism have been around since apostolic days. The modern revival of dispensationalism began life as a prophecy movement in the late 1800s. Then, through the works of men such as Arno C. … [Read more…]

Revelation Series: Bibliography and Recommended Reading

Beloved, the following resources helped to shape the notes for out Revelation Study Series. Time invested in these resources will give you more insight into  Revelation.   The MacArthur New Testament Commentary Moody Publishers/Chicago © 1999 by John MacArthur Used by Permission   Basic Theology: A Popular Systematic Guide to Understanding Biblical Doctrine Moody Publishers/Chicago … [Read more…]

Understanding Deuteronomy

  Key Concepts One God, one people, one sanctuary and one law. God’s law impacts every area of life, and all law is rooted in the Ten Commandments. Obedience is only the beginning of what is expected of God’s people—he wants his people to be in relationship with him. God’s people are to love him.” … [Read more…]