Outline of the Book of Acts

Outline of the Book of Acts

I.  Christ’s final time with the Apostles (1:1-26)

II.  Pentecost: The Church Begins (2:1-47)

III.  The early days of the Church (3:1-5:42)

IV.  Persecution, dispersion, and the growth of the Church (6:1-9:31)

V.  Peter’s missionary activities (9:32-12:25)

VI. Paul’s 1st missionary journey (13:1-14:28)

VII.  The 1st Church Council in Jerusalem (15:1-41)

VIII.  Paul’s 2nd missionary journey (16:1-18:22)

IX.   The Church continues to grow under Paul (18:23-21:14)

X.   Taking the Gospel to Rome (21:15-28:31)


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