On Choosing NLT

On Choosing NLT

Over the last couple years, I have made overtures to change the main translation that I use, and, after talking with several readers of this site, and consulting with my pastor, I have chosen to post all Scripture from the NLT, moving forward. We came to this conclusion for a few reasons:

  • Translated into the English a 6th grade student would use, the NLT is far and away the easiest to understand of the major English translations.
  • Outside the United States (Where most of my readers are located) the NLT is in a statistical dead heat with the NIV in terms of availability. It is vitally important to have a Bible that is accessible to the audience.
  • Faithfully accurate: Because the NLT uses a thought for thought style of translation, the original intent is easily captured.
  • Discipleship results: I do a lot of one-to-one ministry and I am regularly told by disciples that passages make more sense in the NLT, an “I get it now” experience is common.

You will note that these are not “fancy” or sophisticated theological reasons. They are more on the practical side. I still study in a word for word translation but for the purposes of ministering to the faithful brethren, I have found NLT to be the most helpful choice.

Grace to you. May you fall in love with the Word all over again.


2 Replies to “On Choosing NLT”

  1. I love it man! I find that truth, simply expressed with a sincere heart (or love) with the intent to clarify or aid understanding is what God desires from us (Eph. 4:15).
    I will be looking into myself. I laugh now ,but I was one of those “zealots,” for whom if you weren’t talking from King James you were OFF!
    Thank God He smiles on dummies.

  2. Nicely stated, Matt. If we wish to reach all people, then we need to be flexible enough to use whatever version of the Bible is the most receptive to our audience. 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

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