Family Worship 4.9-4.15

Family Worship 4.9-4.15

Wow! The Bible Train has some exciting stops this week. We will see Gideon, the mighty warrior of God, rout the Midianites. If that isn’t exciting enough for you, we will also see the Old Testament’s clearest picture of the the Redemption of Christ’s Elect. Follow that up with the stories of Samuel, one of the greatest prophets to ever live, and Samson, one of the Bible’s most well known characters, and you won’t want to leave the journey.

Monday Judges 7:1-25
Tuesday Judges 11:1-40
Wednesday Ruth 1:1-2:23
Thursday Ruth 3:1-4:22
Friday 1 Samuel 1:1-2:11
Saturday 1 Samuel  3:1-4:1
Sunday Judges 13:1-25


Discussion Questions:

  1. What parallels can you see between the personality of Gideon and yourself?
  2. What do we learn about our unity in Christ from the fact at Ruth, a gentile, can be found in His earthly family?
  3. Boaz is go’el, the kinsman redeemer. How does this picture Christ and our redemption?
  4. Samu’el means God has heard. What comfort does it provide you to know that God has heard your prayers?

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