ESV Pastor’s Bible Review

  If there is one organization that is committed to resourcing the local church, and especially pastors, it is Crossway. Crossway publishes dozens of different editions of the ESV Bible, Commentaries and other academic texts. Now, they have brought to the market, in a single volume, the ideal resource for the minister who is always … [Read more…]

Concord Reference Bible Review

Concord Reference Bible: The King of KJV   When I think of the King James Version of the Bible, the first name that comes to mind is the Concord Reference Bible from Cambridge University Press. As cheesy as this may sound, holding the Concord feels different than holding any other KJV with one notable exception, … [Read more…]

NKJV Readers Reference Bible Review

NKJV Reader’s Reference Bible Review Scripture interprets Scripture; perhaps you have heard that before and you have wondered how that works out. Sure, there are plenty of reference Bibles on the market; some are end of verse and some are center-column but all of them can leave you wondering which passages are most relevant to … [Read more…]

Complete Jewish Study Bible Review

  Hendrickson Publishers…Once again, you didn’t see this coming, not from Hendrickson and yet, it is Hendrickson that loves to pull surprises out of their hats. The Complete Jewish Study Bible is, at the same time, one of the most provocative and quite possibly the most exciting Study Bible I have ever seen.   Hendrickson … [Read more…]