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The Bible Train (Family Worship) 3.18-3.24

The Bible Train (Family Worship) 3.18-3.24

This week we will see the Lord instructing Moses to take a 2nd Census. The old generation has passed away and the people are preparing to take the land of promise. We will also see Moses address the Host of Israel as he prepares to pass leadership to Joshua.

  • Sunday– Numbers 22:1-41
  • Monday– Numbers 27:1-23
  • Tuesday– Numbers 31:1-54
  • Wednesday– Deuteronomy 4:1-43
  • Thursday– Deuteronomy 8:1-9:6
  • Friday– Deuteronomy 15:1-18
  • Saturday– Deuteronomy 20:1-20

Discussion Questions:

  1. How were Balak and Balaam able to ensnare the people of Israel?
  2. What can we learn from the Angel of the Lord appearing to, and rebuking, Balaam?
  3. Israel worshipped the false god, Baal of Peor. Why was this so offensive to YHWH?
  4. During Moses’ speech, he recounts the 10 Commandments. Why are these so important to the people of Israel? Why are they important to us as Christians?
The Bible Train: Family Worship 3.11 to 3.17

The Bible Train: Family Worship 3.11 to 3.17

As we draw close to the Passover season and to Resurrection Sunday, the Bible Train is rolling toward the House of Israel reaching the Promised Land. We will see the scouting of the land, a rebellion from some of the priests, and a lack of trust in God so troubling that it will cause the Children of Israel to be sentenced to wander in the Sinai Wilderness for 40 years, until an entire generation passes away.


  • Sunday– Numbers 11:1-35
  • Monday– Numbers 13:1-33
  • Tuesday–Numbers 14:1-45
  • Wednesday–Numbers 16:1-50
  • Thursday– Numbers 17:1-30
  • Friday–Numbers 20:1-13
  • Saturday–Numbers 21:1-35


Discussion Questions

  1. What similarities do you see between your life and the 10 spies who were fearful of the inhabitants of Canaan? Are there areas where you have trouble trusting God?
  2. Why did Korah and his followers rebel against Moses and Aaron?
  3. What parallels can you see between God selecting Aaron as His priest and Him choosing Christians as His people?
  4. The bronze serpent had to be lifted up and gazed upon in order for people to be saved from the serpent’s bite; how does this parallel the Son of Man being lifted up?
The Bible Train (Family Worship) 2/25-3/3

The Bible Train (Family Worship) 2/25-3/3

This week, the Bible Train will take us to Mt. Sinai (the Mountain of the Lord) where Moses will see the glory of YHWH. We will also see YHWH lay out His proscriptions for worship. We will also see the Lord defend His absolute holiness when Nadab and Abihu offered strange fire. We will also see the most important day of the year under the Old Covenant, Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). May this week’s readings fill you with awe and worship.


  • Sunday– Exodus 33:7-34:11 & Exodus 34:27-35
  • Monday–Exodus 35:30-36:7
  • Tuesday–Exodus 39:32-40:38
  • Wednesday–Leviticus 1:1-17
  • Thursday–Leviticus 8:1-36
  • Friday–Leviticus 10:1-20
  • Saturday–Leviticus 16:1-34

Discussion Questions:

  1. What prevents man from seeing the Lord face to face?
  2. What does the Tabernacle teach us about God?
  3. Why was the fire offered by Nadab and Abihu unacceptable?
  4. How does the Day of Atonement point forward to Christ and the Cross?




The Bible Train: Family Worship for 2/18-2/24

The Bible Train: Family Worship for 2/18-2/24

This week, the Bible Train takes us to the Sinai Peninsula where YHWH will give the Law and will set down the regulations for the Tabernacle, the House of Worship for the Children of Israel.


  • Sunday:  Exodus 18:1-27
  • Monday:  Exodus 19:1-20:26
  • Tuesday:  Exodus 23:20-24:18
  • Wednesday:  Exodus 26:1-37
  • Thursday: Exodus 28:1-43
  • Friday: Exodus 32:1-33:6
  • Saturday: Exodus 33:7-34:35


Discussion Questions:


  1. Why is the giving of the Law the most important event in the Old Testament?
  2. What is foreshadowed by the Tabernacle?
  3. Why was Moses right to be so angry with the Children of Israel for their idolatry with the calf of gold?
  4. We speak of the Lord as being holy; what does that mean?
The Bible Train (Family Readings) 2/11-2/17

The Bible Train (Family Readings) 2/11-2/17

This week, in our guided tour of the Bible, we have some action packed readings. The showdown between YHWH and the false gods of Egypt comes to an end and YHWH is victorious. Following, the Host of Israel leave Egypt and begin their journey to the Promised Land. (Special Note: the journey to the Promised Land is a picture, or shadow, of what we as Christians endure as we journey to the ultimate Land of Promise, Heaven)


  • Sunday– Exodus 8:20-9:35
  • Monday–Exodus 10:1-11:10
  • Tuesday–Exodus 12:1-51
  • Wednesday–Exodus 13:17-14:31
  • Thursday–Exodus 16:1-36
  • Friday–Psalm 90
  • Saturday–Exodus 17:1-16


Discussion Questions

  1. What are we able to learn about God’s characteristics from the exultant prayer of Moses?
  2. God revealed Himself to Abraham as YHWH Jireh, the God Who Provides. What do we learn of God’s provision with the manna and quail experience?
  3. Another of God’s names is YHWH Shua, the God Who Saves (redeems). What do we learn about God as a redeemer in the Red Sea experience?
The Bible Train/Family Worship 2/4-2/10

The Bible Train/Family Worship 2/4-2/10

After a brief detour through the story of Job, the Bible Train concludes the story of Joseph, this week. Following that, the action begins to pick up in the story of Moses, the Deliverer.


  • Sunday Genesis 46:1-47:31
  • Monday Genesis 49:29-50:26
  • Tuesday Exodus 1:1-2:25
  • Wednesday Exodus 3:1-4:17
  • Thursday Exodus 4:18-5:23
  • Friday Exodus 6:1-30
  • Saturday Exodus 7:1-8:19



Discussion Questions:

  1. In Exodus 3:14, God reveals Himself as I AM. What does this tell you about the Lord?
  2. Each plague attacks one of Egypt’s deities. What message is YHWH sending through the plagues?
  3. What parallels can you find between Pharaoh and people, today, who obstinately refuse to yield to the Lord?
The Bible Train/Family Worship Readings 1/28-2/3

The Bible Train/Family Worship Readings 1/28-2/3

This week’s Bible Train stops are in the life of Joseph. Joseph, like the later prophet, Daniel, is unique in that there is nothing negative mentioned about either one in the Bible. Joseph is a type/foreshadowing of Jesus.


  • Sunday- Psalm 1
  • Monday- Genesis 37:1-36
  • Tuesday- Genesis 38:1-38
  • Wednesday- Genesis 39:1-40:23
  • Thursday- Genesis 41:1-57
  • Friday- Genesis 44:1-45:28
  • Saturday- Genesis 46:1-47:31

Discussion Questions

  1. Why does the Psalmist celebrate the godly? What do we learn from the comparison of the righteous and the wicked found in Psalm 1?
  2. God communicates to both Joseph and Pharaoh in dreams. What do we learn about God’s character from the experiences of communicating via dreams?
  3. We see from the experience of Joseph and his brothers that God took something that was intended for evil and turned it around for His purposes. Where have you seen something similar happen in your life?
Family Worship 1/21-1/27

Family Worship 1/21-1/27

Our Family Worship readings, this week, will take us on a sidetrack into the world of Job. It is in Job’s story that we learn why bad things happen to “good” people.

  • Sunday  Genesis 31:1-55
  • Monday Genesis 32:22-32
  • Tuesday Job 1:1-2:13
  • Wednesday Job 3:1-4:21
  • Thursday Job 19:1-21
  • Friday Job 40:1-24
  • Saturday Job 42:1-17


Discussion Questions:

  1. What does Job’s experience teach us about Satan’s power?
  2. Since God is totally in control of our situation, what should our response be when we are in a time of trial?
  3. Does Job’s restoration really mean that God will always return us to prosperity?
Family Readings 1/14-1/20

Family Readings 1/14-1/20

Family Worship: 14 January to 20 January


Family dysfunction is the theme of this week’s reading. We will see Jacob and Esau struggle for family supremacy and, in the next two weeks,  we will watch the birth of a nation.


  • Monday: Genesis 22:1-24
  • Tuesday: Genesis 24:1-67
  • Wednesday: Genesis 25:19-34
  • Thursday: Genesis 27:1 -28:9
  • Friday: Genesis 28:10-29:14
  • Saturday: Genesis 29:14-30:43

Discussion Questions:


  1. What can we learn about faith from Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac in obedience to God’s command?
  2. What can we learn about the Doctrine of Resurrection from the story of sacrificing Isaac?
  3. Abraham said the Lord will provide Himself a lamb. What is foreshadowed in God providing the lamb?
  4. What do we learn about Human Nature from Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of soup?
  5. Why did God withhold children from Rachel while Leah had several? What do we learn about God from this?
Family Worship 1/7-1/13

Family Worship 1/7-1/13

Family Worship 1/7-1/13

This is week 2 of our guided tour of the Bible. This week we will look at God calling Abraham and the beginning of a Covenant People, Israel, who is God’s beloved.


  • Sunday: Genesis 11:27-12:9
  • Monday: Genesis 13:1-18
  • Tuesday: Genesis 15:1-21
  • Wednesday: Genesis 16:1-6
  • Thursday: Genesis 17:1-18:15
  • Friday: Genesis 18:16-19:38
  • Saturday: Genesis 21:1-34


Discussion Questions

  1. What, if anything, made Abram special enough for God to call him to be the Father of Many Nations?
  2. How will all the nations be blessed through Abraham?
  3. What do we learn about God from His promise of a child to Abraham and Sarah in their old age?
  4. What do we learn about God’s holiness, justice, and mercy from the account of Sodom and Gomorrah.




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