Talking Snakes and Other Disasters (Man’s Temptation and Fall)

Text: Genesis 3:1-24 Major Players: Adam, Eve, the Serpent/Devil Words you should know: Nachash “Hebrew Pronunciation [nah KHASH] Translation serpent, snake (Genesis 3:1-2,4,13-14) Nachash is the most prevalent of eight OT terms for snake (Numbers 21:6), but the usage is broader than that. The nachash in Genesis 3:1,14 was the shrewdest (KJV-now the serpent was … [Read more…]

Complete Jewish Study Bible Review


  Hendrickson Publishers…Once again, you didn’t see this coming, not from Hendrickson and yet, it is Hendrickson that loves to pull surprises out of their hats. The Complete Jewish Study Bible is, at the same time, one of the most provocative and quite possibly the most exciting Study Bible I have ever seen.   Hendrickson … [Read more…]

104 Verses You Should Know

Here are 104 verses, 52 basic and 52 advanced, that you should know. These are paired with the appropriate Bible concept for study. Topic Basic Advanced Biblical Concept 1. God the Creator Genesis 1:1 John 1:1-5 God 2. Human Beings Genesis 1:26-28 Psalm 8 Humanity/Self 3. Sin Genesis 3:6-7 James 1:12-15 Rebellion and Sin 4. … [Read more…]

Cardinal Doctrines: the Non-negotiables of Our Faith

Our Foundations of Doctrine series laid out foundational doctrines for the Christian faith. We find it needful to expand upon that and to lay out 9 Cardinal Doctrines of True Churches: the Deity of Christ, the Virgin Birth, Original Sin, Salvation by Grace, Salvation by Christ Alone, The Resurrection, Monotheism, the Holy Trinity, and the … [Read more…]

Kingdom Come: the 7th Dispensation

The final dispensation is that of the Kindgom. We will begin with some material from and then move into our lesson on the 4 views of the Millenium… “In classic dispensationalism, there are seven dispensations. It is important to remember that dispensationalism is a theology inferred from Scripture rather than an explicitly taught doctrine … [Read more…]

Dispensation of Law

In out study of Dispensationalism, we now come to the the fifth dispensation, Law. This is one of the 3 longest Dispensations, lasting approximately 1500 years and covering all aspects of the Scripture from Exodus 19:5 to John 19:30. The Dispensation of the Law begins with Moses and the children of Israel receiving the Law … [Read more…]