Calvinist, Baptist, and Dispensational? What on Earth does that mean?

Exploring the Truth is Calvinistic, Baptist, and Dispensational and some people have wondered what that means. Today we would like to answer that. Let’s start with Baptist… We affirm the Baptist Faith and Message which is the official Statement of Faith of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Through the Local Church, as it should be, … [Read more…]

A Reminder About Our Money Policy

Beloved We wish to remind you of the following: All materials here available to you free of charge. You may download and use them however you like. We simply ask that you put the following if you quote us:  c. 2014 By Exploring Truth Ministries. Materials used by permission. All rights reserved. You may not … [Read more…]

Jesus on the Left Side: Kings

The message Ruling justly and wisely depends on obeying God’s word, and disobeying has serious consequences. Main Themes Yahweh is the only true God. There is only one living God, and he is the Lord (1 Kings 18:15; 2 Kings 5:15). This Lord is not to be confused with the various so-called gods worshiped in … [Read more…]

Complete Jewish Study Bible Review


Hendrickson Publishers…Once again, you didn’t see this coming, not from Hendrickson and yet, it is Hendrickson that loves to pull surprises out of their hats. The Complete Jewish Study Bible is, at the same time, one of the most provocative and quite possibly the most exciting Study Bible I have ever seen. Hendrickson was generous … [Read more…]

Covenants Guarantee a Kingdom

At least two of the Old Testament Covenants ensure a future kingdom for ethnic/national Israel. (Here is where we will learn from the late Dr. Charles Ryrie, who has given some of the best teaching on these two covenants that I have encountered.) THE BASIS FOR THESE NOTES IS BASIC THEOLOGY BY CHARLES RYRIE. COPYRIGHT … [Read more…]